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MIIT Programme 2018

(The modules as well the fee structure have been reworked in response to feedback received)

Educating with Mind and Heart March 05-09 (Last date to apply February 05) Course Fee INR 3750
Leadership and Governance April02-06 (Last date to apply March 02) Course Fee INR 3750
Management of Finances

July 09-13 (Last date to apply: June 09)

Course Fee INR 3750
Accompaniment Skills for Formators

August 06-10 (Last date to apply: July 06)

Course Fee INR 3750
Self-awareness and Personal Integration for Seminarians September 17-21(Last date to apply: August 17) Course Fee INR 3750
Personal Growth & Renewal for young Religious

October 22-26 (Last date to apply: Sept.  22)

Course Fee INR 3750
Renewal and Wholeness for Mid-lifers

November 05-09 (Last date to apply Oct. 05)

Course Fee INR 3750
Personal Growth & Renewal for young Diocesans

November 26-30 (Last date to apply Sept.  26)

Course Fee INR 3750
Psychospiritual Retreat for Priests and Religious

December 03-07(Last date to apply: Nov. 03)

Course Fee INR 3750

Programme schedules, course details, and faculty are found in the Institute Website ( Application Forms can be downloaded from the website or requested from the Office either through email or through regular post.